Start a Water Chestnut Flour Making Plant

(182). Start a Singhare Ka Atta  Making Business
Singhare Ka Atta also known as Water Chestnut Flour Making Plant
It is good for Organic Thickening Agents. Water chestnut worth Rs 20 Million is Produced annually in Jabalpur alone.
Singhara is Indian water-chestnut, triangular in shape, with thick red...ish green skin, with small spikes at the top. It has milky white, lightly sweet flesh. It is eaten like a fruit when fresh, made into bhajies and curries when halfway mature and made into flour when completely mature and dry.  

Singhara is very juicy and crunchy, when eaten fresh and very rich in Vitamins. During Navaratri in India, normally people take fruits in day time and evening they enjoy with some light foods (made by non-grain items that locally known as wheat of Singhara, it is these nuts that are made into flour that is used as a staple during fasts, to make chapattis, paranthas, sweets Vedas and also as a binder or thickening agent.
The water caltrop, water chestnut, buffalo nut, bat nut, devil pod or Singhara (सिंघाडा) or Pani-fol (পানিফল) is either of two species of the genus Trapa: Trapa natans and Trapa bicornis. Both species are floating annual aquatic plants, growing in slow-moving water up to 5 meters deep, native to warm temperate parts of Eurasia and Africa. They bear ornately shaped fruits, which in the case of T. bicornis resemble the head of a bull, each fruit containing a single very large starchy seed. It has been cultivated in China and India for at least 3,000 years for the seeds.
Water Chestnut Flour in the market. It is processed from the edible tubers of an aquatic plant that grows along the muddy edges of the water body. The Water Chestnut (Singhara) Flour made available by us is used more for Snacks, Breads, and Cakes etc. As it is sweet in taste and it has also low fat content. It is also used as a thickener and coating for the foods Apart from this,During fasting, Hindus are not allowed to break their fast with anything that contains cereals, lentils and ordinary salt. Therefore, traditional ‘fasting food’ or 'vrat ka khana' as it is called in India, has to find alternative ways of making staple food like poories and paranthas

Water chestnut is a nutritious and a good source of potassium and vitamin B. It contains antioxidants, which may help reduce wrinkles and protect skin from ultraviolet rays. Many bioactive agents in water chestnut help reduce hair loss when combined with nimenynic and lauric acids. The water chestnut ointment and lotion may help reduce inflammation and pain caused by sprains and other injuries.

Water chestnut flour is starchy flour which does not contain much fiber. Its best uses are similar to those for corn-starch, e.g., as a thickener and breading material. Water chestnut crackers are very light, crisp and crunchy the composition of the flour is approximately: 85.2% carbohydrate, 6.7% protein, 1% fat, 2% fiber, 5% water, and 0.1% minerals.


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