Thursday, 15 September 2011

Start a Drive-in Movie Theater


(16)Start a Drive-in Movie Theater

How to Start a Drive-in Movie Theater

If you love movies, you can start your own drive-in movie theater. This is your chance to offer drive-in traffic some great movies. Your primary target would be couples going out on a date.
Prepare the location and purchase the needed equipment. Secure the necessary licenses and permits to operate a legit business.

Back in the fifties to sixties, drive-in theaters were really popular. People can watch movies on a large screen but the difference is that you’re going to watch outside, while sitting on your car. The screens are put up on a semi-private area and since many couples are still willing to pay, this can be a lucrative business. You will need working capital and of course, a solid plan. Finding a location should be your primary objective because without it, you will find it hard to attract customers.
Starting a Drive-in Movie Theater
The drive-in movie theater should be located in an area where there is lots of driving traffic. A large land space is needed for the screen, stand, and parking space. Make sure that you check with the concerned government office about the zoning and licensing requirements. Building the facility is very important and you will need special permits. How many screens do you plan to install? You will also need some ramps where the cars can park and office where you will put the radio, projectors, and other equipment. To ensure that you can charge the watchers, you will need to have a tall wall around the area and entry/exit gates. Upon entry, you can issue the tickets. It is important that you are able to restrict the coming in and going of vehicles.
Negotiate the films that you want to feature on your large screen. If you plan to target new films, you may be required to pay a high price. Most of the drive-in theaters feature old yet popular films. You have to establish a budget for the films and be sure to have regular showing to attract continuous traffic. There are certain permits and licenses that you have to obtain to operate the business legally. All these things should be addressed prior to opening.
You have to provide great food choices, as well as drinks. You can offer a packaged deal or you can develop meal plans that are affordable. You should have your own radio station where you can broadcast the sound of the films and will allow you to advertise. Proceed with the advertising methods that you can use like billboards, fliers, and business cards. You can test the drive-in movie theater before opening to correct potential mistakes. When everything is set and you have accounting software running, you can now schedule for the opening of the movie theater. If you can provide quality services, your business is a sure hit.

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