Friday, 16 September 2011

Start a Social Media Video Production Business Service

Start a Social Media Video Production Business Service.

The only thing that you really need to get this business off the ground is access to a digital video camera and a website. You might also want to use a tripod so that you can ensure the camera is kept completely steady when you are filming. This will ensure that the videos are as professional as possible, shaky videos are often seen as amateurish.
If you like filming things on video then you probably already have a few skills which will be useful. You might find it easiest if you start trying to get some extra work from your friends and family. You could also look at working for local businesses and schools in your local area. It might also be possible to land a small contract for a local dance studio or dating company.
There are many different things that you can film and record. You might want to record sporting events, commercial events, parties, and retirement functions. You can then edit the film using a fairly standard computer. When you’re using computers and new digital video cameras you will be able to reduce the costs of video production to a bare minimum.
Starting your Own Video Production Company
If you’re interested in starting a video production company then you will need to make an investment, however you don’t have to buy the most expensive equipment. Buy the best equipment that you can afford, you could always upgrade at a later date if you wanted.
As with any other business you must be able to keep accurate business records. This will help you to track the incomings and outgoings of the company. You should also get a good quality camera case to protect your investment so that it doesn’t need replacing as often.
Before you run this business you must have business insurance. You will also need storage, somewhere to work and a car to get around. If you know something about advertising and how best to promote your services then you will find this very useful.
Marketing Your Video Production Company
Just because you’ve set up a video production company it doesn’t actually mean that other people know about you. Get in touch with anyone who you think might be interested in hiring your services. This may include bridal shops, printers, colleges, schools, dating agencies or dance clubs.
Another great form of promotion might be posting ads on the internet, or simply printing out flyers and passing them around.
When you have sold a customer your services you can then start trying to sell extras. This could include taking stills from the video, putting the video onto DVD or duplicating their own videos.

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