Thursday, 15 September 2011

Start a Children Transporter Business

  (41)  Start a Children Transporter Business

Are you looking for a business which you can start from your home?
So this August month we will be providing you unique and profitable home based business ideas..which one can easily start from home without much investment..

Many working parents have this problem - rushing to pick up their kids to and from school, extra classes, music lessons, tuition, etc. It takes a lot of creative time management and schedule juggling to transport kids around and most times, it leaves everyone - parents and kids alike - stressed out. What happens if there's a miscommunication or an unexpected car breakdown or traffic jam? The kids are left waiting, maybe for hours. Statistics show that crimes against children are likely to occur as they are waiting alone for their transport.

If you're a retiree or someone with lots of free time, you might want to provide this service to overworked parents. You will transport their kids to and from school or scheduled activities. The most important characteristics for this service are responsibility, dependability and of course, punctuality. Parents will be depending on you to safely transport their children. You might just want to restrict your tranporting duties to sending and picking up kids to and from your own kids' school. After all, you will probably have additional space for three or four small children, so you might as well make extra money. To start off, you just have to let other parents know that if they need your service, they can contact you. A better way would be to print flyers or posters and ask for permission to distribute them to kids in the school. Mind you, many countries, require you to have a permit to provide this service, so check with your local authorities first. This business can be a lucrative one if you have van that can be used solely for this purpose. If you have a partner (maybe your spouse) to drive and additional vehicle, that's more money n your pocket!

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