Start a French Fry Business

(27) Start a French Fry Business

However, with a few tips and tricks on how to start this kind of business, you can definitely be successful and earn your money’s worth and more.The French fry business is considered one of the most famous businesses in the world and almost all fast food restaurants, fine dining restaurants, gourmet restaurants, and more are offering French fries on their menu. This is why; starting a French fry business can be just a good opportunity for you. Generally, your stand must be located in the busiest part of your community like bench areas, food courts in malls, or near the schools. You can add varieties of flavors to your French fries such as cheese, barbeque, sweet and sour, etc. You can even add toppings or sauces for your French fries such as salsa, chili, cheese, gravy, etc. to be different from others in your area.
Tips when Starting
Evaluate your competition in the place where you will establish your business. How can you stand out from them so that you can appeal more to potential customers? If you can find some competitors, you must determine whether the people in that area really like to eat French fries or not. Then, write a good business plan for your business that must include a description in detailed about the business (the type of products you will sell, as well as its purpose in the community), Explanation of the details of the financing (savings or loans), three years operating detailed summary, projection of financial growth for up to 5 years, an outline of the operating procedures (trainings and hours of works), and staffing descriptions in detailed.
You can apply for the financing of your business that includes a credit line for supplies and equipment buying and more. Just list some lenders and compare what they are offering (loan terms, interest rates, options, length of payment, etc). Find a good location for your business that can be accessible to people. List some and then compare them for utilities’ cost, available parking, zoning laws, leasing prices, and more. Keep in mind that you can always consider a franchise. Lease your desired space for your business and then set up all the utility accounts such as water, gas, electric, and phone. Obtain a food license, vendor’s license, etc from the right agency.
Order your equipment and supplies such as cooking appliances and kitchen equipment. Hire staff that you will need and then train them for the necessary things that they must need to know about your business. Last but not the least is to market your business by announcing your grand opening through banners, fliers, newspapers, television, and radios and even over the internet.


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