Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Start a Cotton Gauzes and Elastic Bandages Manu

(80) Start a Cotton Gauzes and Elastic Bandages Manu

Wound dressing products can be classified under various titles as bandages, gauze pads, surgical tapes, tourniquets, prep pad and swabs and other wound dressings. 
  • Bandages include gauze bandages, elastic bandages, adhesive bandages, cotton crepe bandages with blue line, plaster of Paris bandage, orthopaedic padding bandage and so on.
  • Gauze pads/sponges  include absorbent gauze sponge, paraffin gauze, gauze granule, eye pad, alcohol pad, casting pad, gauze, cotton ball, alginate wound dressing and so on.
  • Prep pad and swab includes alcohol prep pad, filling indone-povidone swabs, cotton swabs for gynecology, ENT, non-nasality, lemon glycerin swabs, procto swabs, filling alcohol swabs, filling mercurochrome solution swabs, wet cleansing and soap wipes, iodine cotton bar, non woven swabs and lap sponges.
  • Surgical Tape includes cotton sports tape, waterproof tape, paper tape, zinc oxide adhesive tape, non-woven tape, silk tape, PE tape and so on.
  • Tourniquets are designed for limb operations for arresting limb bleeding via manual pneumatic way.  It includes rubber or non-latex tourniquet, Velcro tourniquet, children tourniquet, buckle tourniquet, reusable and disposable ones.
  • Other Wound Dressing Products include silver wound dressing, self adhesive wound dressing, transparent dressing plate, surgical operation thin film, hydrocolloid wound dressing, cotton tip applicator, and transparent island dressing. 

There is a special crochet machine for the production of cotton gauzes and elastic bandages in the requested width, with already-made selvedges.


As no longitudinal cutting is requested, there are no more floating threads (very dangerous for health) and cotton gauzes have a good strength in both directions.

The total width of the machine is 80 cm. Gauzes and bandages are produced in the requested width from min. 5 cm up to 30 cm. It is also possible to produce gauzes of 80 cm, in certain conditions.

MEDICAL machines are fed from yarns on cones. The cone creel is included in the machine. At exit, gauzes and bandages are rolled on big bobbins (around 30 cm of diameter), or can be collected into a container in loose form.

MEDICAL machines prouduce cotton gauzes starting from bleached cotton yarns. These yarns can be easily found on the market.

Companies which want to start this production are not obliged to afford big investments to install costly bleaching and drying equipment.

The big versatility of this machine allows to produce a large variety of rigid and elastic bandages, by using yarns of different nature: cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, lycra, rubber threads.


On request we can supply also measuring and rolling machines for the production of small rolls.

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