Thursday, 15 September 2011

Start a Paper Bag Manufacturing Business.

  (37) Start a Paper Bag Manufacturing Business.

The Eco-friendly Paper bag manufacturing industry is poised for a
higher growth with a bright future.

Due to the increasing awareness of the hazards of plastic bags to the environment among the public and the ban imposed on plastic bags throughout India and abroad by the governments, there is a great demand for eco-friendly paper bags.

Nowdays Paper bags have become the way of the modern world. It is Eco-friendly and attractive as well.They come in a variety of shapes, size, colour and design. Paper bags are preferred more today because it makes a style statement and adds to your appearance.

There are wide range of paper bags that comes in floral, leather, mottled, or any other types of patterns and design. You can make bags for sportswear outlets, garment retailer, pharmacies, gift shops and many more.

You can start your own eco-friendly paper bag manufacturing unit at nominal investment, to provide employment opportunities to eradicate unemployment in the country, to reap excellent profits and to save the environment in your own respective way.

Paper Bags can be used for
• carrying household articles,
• electrical gadgetry,
• garments, toys,
• stationery, compact discs,
• drugs, appliances,
• cutlery and chemicals.
Further, these can also be used for- carrying imitation jewelry,
• perfumes,
• food & beverages,
• medicines and dyes.
• custom-designed bags that are durable, reliable and economical.

Opportunities in Bag Businesses

•Paper Bags Manufacturing business is not a small business. There are many diversions in this business. As far as environment is concerned, there are many types of bags available in the market.

•For a small scale business organization, Paper Bag manufacturing is the best field to get in to. Under SMEs, this is one of the most potential businesses. Just take an example of a normal market, any thing you purchase comes with a packaging and a bag. Form a stall on the road to superstores in big malls, everywhere bags are provided.

•This is something which will never end. Packaging and visibility provides companies the added advantage.

•There are many different kinds of bags that you can sell. This is a great business opportunity that you shouldn’t pass on especially if you have the passion for bags. Paper bags are in demand these days since it is a better option than plastic bags. Starting a customized paper bags business can be easy if you have a business plan to follow.

Promoting paper bags alone is already an excellent way to promote environmental awareness by stating the use of biodegradable containers for stores and groceries.


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