Start a Vintage Scooter Business

 8.  Start a Vintage Scooter Business 
Jabalpur has a lot of potential for different business, and one of the main upcoming business in future which is Vintage Scooters/bikes Business has made a large market in Jabalpur..There are two companies Vee Kay Vintage Scooter and Quality Vintage Scooters Business which provide Vintage scooters not only all over India but export Vintage bikes to different countries
It is a very new and profitable business for new entrants to enter into this big branded business.With the rising number of bikers demanding for vintage scooter/bikes in the country the segment is here to stay for sure.

A Scooter/bike that has made a mark for its unique design, style or performance during a particular period of time that ranges between 20-30 years or more could be termed as a vintage bike.
Business of Vintage Scooters involves restoration and maintenance of useless and old vehicles with utmost quality both technical and look wise and also ensure finest finishing of the vehicles.

The factors that are fascinating about vintage bikes are the exemplary features/looks, style, performance and time it belongs to are the primary reasons that will attract you towards the bike. Just the way everybody would want to own a piece of art, painting or jewellery, similarly the vintage bikes that are rare and exclusive also woo people. The vintage bikes might be the fancy of many but owning them is surely an expensive affair.

Besides powerful engines and legendary looks, as the vintage bikes are the rare-to-find bikes and no wonder they mean very special whenever one spotted on the road. People pay good price for the vintage bikes as they take these as investment options, only to sell them at a higher price point after a year or two. It is very few who have passion for the antique value of these and keep them.

India’s is Vespa and Lambretta restoration and spare parts specialist. India deals with Lambretta GP200, Lambretta LI, Italian Vespa 150 model, LML NV and Vintage Bikes viz. BSA - 250, 350, 500, Triumph, Norton, Jawa, Matchless 350 and many more.

Lambrettas were produced in India under license by two different companies. The first was "Auto Products of India" or A.P.I. This company mainly produced Series II Li models and three wheelers for the Indian market. A.P.I.The second company to manufacture Lambrettas in India was "Scooters India Limited" or S.I.L.

Companies dealing in vintage Scooters in Jabalpur-

Vee Kay Vintage Scooter
Address 994 WRIGHT TOWN, JABALPUR, Jabalpur - 482002, Madhya Pradesh, India Phone No 91-761-2402708 Fax 91-761-2311764 Contact Person Mr. Yashpal Jain (Proprietor) Mobile +919826709944

Quality Vintage Scooters Business
(They Sell): Lambretta li 200,Lambretta Gp 200,Vespa 150,Vintage Bike,Spares,LML Address: 555,Vijay Nagar Number of Employees:
Website :


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