Start a Diabetic Cookies Business

10. Start a Diabetic Cookies Business
Diabetic cookies can be a marvelous way to raise your income.
People believed at one time that if you were diagnosed with diabetes you have to live a life minus high calorie sugar foods such as ice creams, cakes and all types of desserts.

Everyone’s favorite teatime snack is cookies. So people with diabetes can’t be devoid of these snacks. There are diabetic cookies that can be prepared with sugar substitutes, brown sugar or small amounts of sugar. Diabetic patients need to follow a controlled diet plan and eat reduced portions of desserts that contain sugar or sugar substitutes even though doctors no longer recommend a complete restraint from sugar.

There are several good diabetic cookies that you can find online including high fiber cookies, rice crispie cookies, sugarless cookies, marshmallow cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies and soft almond cookies.
For someone who loves to bake, this might prove to be a great money maker. Yes, the market is saturated with cookies of all shapes and tastes, but when diabetic cookies are not as easy to come by. What you want to do is scour the Internet for diabetic cookie or biscuit recipes. If you can get diabetic patients to try them, even better. Once you've narrowed down your list of tasty diabetic cookies, you'll want to approach your local grocery stores or drug stores and ask if you could supply them with your cookies. Another way of marketing your cookies would be via the Internet. Since there are many websites that sell diabetic cookies, you'll find that it boils down to marketing savvy. You'll need to find the most appealing thing about your cookies, and target that quality. Maybe banking of the fact that they're home-made will give you that extra edge. Of course, as you business expands, you won't be able to operate from home, but it's the start that matters for now. "Sweet" money making idea.

Manufacturers of Diabetic Cookies

Koiel Food Proce's
Address 33/B, HOOTAGALLI INDUSTRIAL AREA, BELWADI POST, K. R. S. ROAD, Mysore - 571118, Karnataka, India
Phone No 91-821-4282289/2404288
Fax 91-821-4265112/2404288
Mobile +919845214751

Britannia Industries Limited
5/1/A Hungerford Street,
Kolkata - 700 017
West Bengal
Ph: 033 - 2287 0505 / 2287 2439 / 2287 2057
Fax: 033 - 2287 2501


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