Start a Body Art Tattoos Business

 (26)Start a Body Art Tattoos Business

Temporary Body Art Tattoos are the rage these days. They're on backs, forearms, legs, necks, shoulders. They're mono-colored, multi-colored and in every shape and size! You get to decorate your body with any shape you desire and best of all since they're not permanent, you get to change what you wear according to your mood for the day!

There are many ways to produce Temporary Body Art Tattoos. Unlike permanent tattoos, Temporary Body Art Tattoos are applied using inks, transfers and materials that can either be washed off or will naturally fade away in a few days. There are a number of ways to make money with Temporary Body Art Tattoos. You can create

• Tattoo Transfer Papers. You can buy tattoo transfer papers at your local crafts store. Any design can be printed onto these transfer sheets using a computer printer. These are the sorts of tattoos you find are free gifts in toy gift packs, snack foods etc. They easily applied onto the skin and can be washed off easily. Kids love them. You can sell them on eBay or online via your own website. This will probably work as a part-time business or to supplement your income.
• Airbrush and Body Art Paint. Temporary Body Art Tattoos can also be applied using an airbrush and body paint, although this technique requires investment in airbrush equipment and that you be familiar with airbrushing techniques. The good news is that airbrushing is a skill that can be self-taught although you could learn the finer points by enrolling in your local art college for a short course.
• Henna Paste. Another way to create Temporary Body Art Tattoos is to use Henna paste. This is a paste made from henna leaves. You can buy them from your local craft stores - usually in small tubes. When henna is applied onto skin, it release a dye that penetrates the outer surface of your skin, thereby producing what is technically a "stain". However, if you control the "staining", you would technically be producing Temporary Body Art Tattoos. There are 2 disadvantages to this Temporary Body Art Tattoo technique : the first being that it takes up to an hour for the applied henna design to stain the skin in which time your customer cannot smudge the design, and the second, the henna stain is semi-permanent. It fades off in its own time which can be anywhere from one to two weeks.
Temporary Body Art Tattoos are a great hit at public events, fairs and flea markets - anywhere there are lots of people. You can set up shop with just a table and a couple of chairs. Display your sample designs for your customers to choose. You can either charge a flat rate or based on the complexity of your designs. If you're going to provide Airbrush tattooing or henna staining, you might want to consider supplementing your income with Tattoo Transfers.

If you don't want to rent a stall, you could approach event management companies and tell them that you are available to provide this service for a daily fee. Your daily fee should take into account your cost of materials, time and staffing based on the estimated number of people expected at the event. Hooking up with event management companies means you don't have to source for events yourself and you know exactly how much you will earn right off the bat.
A more conventional way would of course be to set up a small shop. This obviously means you will incur rental and administration costs. Depending on your location, it's entirely possible to make money. Of course, you could also provide a combination of all the methods above to optimize your income - provide your services at events as a means of extending your reach and promoting your shop. At the same time, supply clothing and knick-knack stores with your self-designed Tattoo Transfers and sell them online. This is a great money maker for the artistic tattoo loving connoisseur.

Tattoo Making Institues in India

- Rising Dragon Tattoo
022 - 26006012
Shop No 15, Plot No 86, Hillcrest Building, 16th & 30th Road Junction, Near Pali Naka, Near Shiv Sagar Hotel, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

- Sach Tattoos
022 - 64463126
9970148833, 9881572727
Manthan,Shop No-3,Shivsmruti Building, N M Joshi Marg, Currey Road, Mumbai - 400013

- Slender Gender, Andheri West
9869458149, 9833795565
Shop No 4, E/A, C Block, Crystal Plaza, New Link Road, Opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053


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