Friday, 16 September 2011

Start a Pulp Egg Box Manufacturing Business.

47. Start a Pulp Egg Box Manufacturing.

There is a large market for these Pulp Egg Boxes, as it is mostly preferred in Malls and any other General Store,  it is  environmental friendly and easiest way of storing eggs , the pulp egg boxes manufacturing business can be a very profitable business.You can even supply these boxes to big companies, and all over India.

Pulp Egg Box are made with Recycled paper pulp. Suitable for selling your eggs. The design of the pulp egg box is such, which facilitate easy storage of eggs. One of the most environmentally friendly packaging containers sold today is the egg box. It is made from paper pulp and was introduced in the 1930's. Its design has not changed much since then. It was replaced for a while with PET packaging but the public preferred the natural look and feel of the paper pulp box.

Pulp does not require quality surface but instead is used with a textured, natural surface. This material is chemical free and is much more environmentally friendly than the plastic PET alternative.The manufacturing of pulp involves separating the cellulose fibers from other impurities in wood or used paper.
The egg box is a shell or Monocoque structure. It does not have a frame. It relies upon the shape that it has been moulded into to give it its strength. Monocoque structures are designed to be both light and strong.
The egg box is made from thin sheet material, yet it is surprisingly strong. It is the folds and curves that give it it's strength..Egg cartons or trays are designed to protect whole eggs while in transit. Traditionally these have been made of molded pulp. This uses recycled newsprint which is molded into a shape which protects the eggs. Premium molded paper pulp egg cartons are a 92% reduction in waste after use compared to plastic.It can be manufacture in different sizes 12 eggs sizes small, medium, large, and extra large, or 6, 10, 30 Eggs Boxes
Before Starting Pulp Egg Boxes Manufacturing Business, think about the sales and marketing strategy, include information on how the product or service will be priced, channels to market, advertising and marketing plans.

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