Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Start a Health Food Store business

89.Start a Small Health Food Store Business


This growing industry could give you some healthy profits

The latest trend nowdays is consumption of healthy food. More and more consumers are searching for fresher, healthier, unprocessed, and nutritive foods that will help them stay fit and healthy. An increase in obesity and the incidence of heart disease has resulted in this dramatic change
A health food store is a type of grocery store that primarily sells health food, organic foods, local produce, and often nutritional supplements. Health food stores often offer foods for people with special dietary needs, such as people with allergies and diabetics, and also for vegans, vegetarians, and people living entirely on raw food.
While preparing to start your small health food Store you have to consider several aspects of the business carefully. It is essential to have a well-drafted business plan by taking into consideration the market research, demographic information, competitive analysis, product development. This is accomplished by doing extensive research about food trends, likes and dislikes, and the existing market for your health food business.
Make sure the premises and equipment are conforming to the rules regarding food safety and sanitary conditions.
Developing a good marketing and advertising plan is essential. Use the local paper, cable and radio to announce the launch of your business, advertise in the free newsletters that are distributed in your area, give out fliers. Use the Web, too, and promote your products successfully.
 Although almost any entrepreneur with good business sense and foresight can successfully run a health food store, it does help if you believe in what you are promoting.
 Someone who is dedicated to helping others and has an interest in alternative medicine, special diet foods and the environment, can run a Health  Food Store

 Your products
Give some thought to the type of products you intend to sell:
  • what type of goods will you stock - for example will you sell only healthy food items such as cereals and grains, herbal teas, organic fruit and vegetables and so on, or vitamin supplements, sports nutrition and health treatments too
  • will you sell vegetarian and vegan product ranges
  • will you sell any prepared foods such as cakes, bread and so on
  • will you buy any goods in bulk and re-bag them
  • will you sell 'green' cosmetics and toiletries
  • will you sell over the counter medicines
  • will you sell 'eco-friendly' washing and cleaning products
  • will you sell Fairtrade products including clothing and craftwork
  • will you specialise (for example in organic produce, ethnic foods or alternative medicines)
  • are you prepared for the fact that your stock of fresh goods may vary depending on what is in season at any particular time
  • how will you monitor which are unpopular/popular goods
  • how will you minimise wastage - some products are highly perishable
  • how will you combat customer theft

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