Saturday, 17 September 2011

Start a Play PS3 or Gaming Cafe on Big Screen

(70) Start a Play PS3 or Gaming Cafe on Big Screen

Starting a new business is always exciting, challenging and interesting prospect. One gets a sense of thrill and also a great deal of satisfaction from starting a business right from planning to organizing, leading and executing various aspects of the management of the business. And what better than the prospect of starting a business where you can convert a hobby or an interest into a full fledged business?  Starting an internet gaming business is a function of the rapid strides made in technology over the last few years. The rapid advances of the internet have really opened up new vistas of business growth prospects right from internet cafes, website creation and maintenance to the new frontier in online entertainment, that is, internet gaming.

When starting an online gaming business you need to take care of a few important aspects to ensure business success. Some of these criteria are as listed below:
  • Infrastructure:
    - Hardware: It is just quite obvious that an internet gaming business would require adequate infrastructure in terms of game portals or high end, sleek personal computers or consoles with adequate memory configurations to support the gaming software. For instance, largish monitors, optical mouse and the like would be required to create a high class and high end experience for gaming customers.
    - Software: There are quite a few different gaming options available online nowadays. For instance there are online poker and casino as well as quite a few sports based or combat games. Many of these are available online and in some cases, you may have to procure and load the software locally. In any case, there are a plethora of sites you can recommend to your customers for their greatest gaming pleasure. Additionally, you will have to do regular market research to gain information on latest gaming trends and customer sentiments. This way you can have the latest games and cater to the ever changing needs of those who choose to frequent your gaming cafe.
    - Networking: when you have 8-10 or more PCs at your gaming cafe, you would require proper server management systems. Many of the games could be inter-linked and played from the server itself as multi-user modules.
  • Location:
    Location of a gaming cafe is of paramount importance as it determines the number of footfalls and customer base. Ideally, renting out space in a mall or a shopping complex or perhaps a commercial are makes the best business sense. Also, if the gaming area is near a school, the chances of garnering business from teenagers go up exponentially. This is because the typical target audience will consist of students or customers up to the age of 30s.
  • Marketing:
    Attracting customers is another area that needs to be taken care of. Half the battle is won if your gaming cafe is at a prominent place which has enough footfalls. If not, you may have to promote your business through in-house contests, distributing pamphlets in nearby localities to spread the word around and garner more business.
  • Franchise Option:
    Another option that you could consider is getting into a franchise agreement with online gaming corporation that is looking to expand locally and nationally. This generally provides better reach, marketing and technical support facilities.
If you apply your creativity, do adequate planning and execute plans well, starting an online gaming business is quite an interesting and lucrative business venture.

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