Start a PP Woven Sack Making Plant

(134).Start a PP Woven Sack Making Plant

Onion bags are widely used in Agricultural products packing purposes, such as onion, potato, garlic, ginger, green piper, paprika, orange…. etc. Further more, in addition to agricultural products the seafood is also available such as mussel, crab, oyster…etc.
Onion bags are mainly used for packing purpose, it were made by double needle bed Raschel knitting machine. Through the special function of knitting machine, each of the mesh loop all stitch together making the bags stronger then any other type of mesh bags. It can make full piece of bags, including the threading of the bags mouth, the size of the bags can be flexible adjusted in the machine. When equipped with our new improving yarn feeding systems (Slitting & Extension machine), the bags will be lighter with the same strength, increasing the competition in the world market with the material cost down.
Beside the bags making function, the line also can made the light duty extra wide nets, for shading and safety purpose, if not using the bags making function, it can using the side stitch function to made nets, from it’s one side stitch maximum can made up to 10 M width nets, it was a special function for the double needle bed Raschel knitting, it give the customer more choice.
Raschel knitting onion bags making plant, its working process is very simply, the whole turnkey project only need three process including the final packing,
Compare to the circular loom, weaving machine the Raschel knitting bags making plant are more efficiency and competitively, it save the man power, electric consumption, raw material, plant occupy, one times investment bring you whole profit.

General Processing Information: 
  • Mixing machine: Different color of bags is for different kind of agriculture products & fruits packing, so high density polyethylene (HDPE) should mix with color pigment to stir even and then send to blown film machine. 
  • Inflation machine: PE materials sent to heated cylinder to stir fully and paste form, then strongly extruding 0.05mm – 0.12mm thickness, 900 mm – 1200mm wide of tubular films, two layers of films separate automatically and wind into two rolls of PE films back to back. The diameter of each roll of film is about 750mm – 1,000mmØ, the weight is about 500kg – 750kg. 
  • Double Raschel knitting machine: 1 set of double Raschel knitting machine attached 4 sets of Slitting and Extension machine, per set of slitting unit mounted two rolls of film, the total weight of eight rolls of film are about 4,000kg – 6,000kg. Through slitting and extension machine it was like a automatic yarn feeding systems, 500 denier tape yarns will be finished and directly sent to the knitting machine’s main stitching elements to knit the designed bags, the finished bags can be (A) direct cutting by the on-line auto cutting device or (B) rolled up by automatic winder. The tie-string is also auto-inserted for the bags opening mouth. 
  • Cutting equipment: Working on line with the knitting machine, on the machine the design bags is connected to each other, between two bags have a cutting line mark, after heat cut to the cutting mark the bags will be speared and sent to the platform, in the platform it can setting the bags numbers, when it up to our setting number then will pull out, for example: we setting the bags number is 50 pieces, each 50 pieces will pull out by the platform then sent to the pressing for packed. 
  • Heat cutting machine: by manual -Sent a roll of connected bags to the cutting machine, which is operated with human labor and cut the connected bags into one piece of bag with heater, after measuring the bags numbers then sent to the pressing machine for packed. 
  • Hydraulic baling presses: Separate different sizes of bags and measuring a number of bundles, then put into hydraulic baling presses to press smaller volume packages for covenant transpiration. 

Products Description:

  • Name: Onion Bags, 16,000,000 pieces of 50cm x 80cm onion bags, for 300 working days, per days for 3 working shift. 
  • Raw Material: High density Polyethylene (HDPE). 
  • Specification: 500 denier flat yarn, 2 gauge/1”, 6course/1”, the bags size can be adjusted according to the customer’s require. The bags size if small then the output will increase. 
  • Net weight: 50 cm x 80 cm 30 gm, per piece 
  • Packing capacity: 50cm x 80 cm (50 lb. onion or potatoes).

 Plant Description
 Equipment Requirement: 

1. Inflation machine: TGI-85, one set 
   Screw: 85 mm Ø, L/D: 30: 1
   Power Consumption: 118 kW
   Film thickness: 0.05mm – 0.13mm
   Capacity: 65 kg – 90 kg / per hour
   Occupy place: 11 M (L) x 4.5 M (W) x 5.5M (H)
   Operator: 1 person
 2.Double Rascel Knitting machine: DR-2-F-170, 4 sets.
    Working width: 170”
    Gauge of needle bed: 6 gauge / per inch
    Gauge of needle: 2 gauge / per inch
    Knitting element: 2 compound needle bars, 4 ground bars and 5 functional bars.
    Yarn let-off systems: By Slitting & Extension unit.
    Auto-stop device: Drop-wire stops motion in each yarn, controlled by electrical contact
    Power consumption: 9 kw.
    Capacity: Max r.p.m. 700 course, Normal working r.p.m. 640 course, for 50cm x 80cm, warp yarn: 2 gauge /         per inch, weft yarn: 6 stitches / per inch, per hour about 590 pieces for one machine.
    Occupy place: 6.5 M x 12 M (including Slitting & Extension machine).
    Operator: 1 person.
 3. Slitting & Extension machine: SE-130-N, 16 set (one set of knitting need 4 sets of S&E machine)
     Working width: 120 cm.
     Power consumption: 6.2kw.
     Capacity: It can offer the flat yarn from 200 – 1000 denier; the speed was going with the knitting m/c.
     Occupy place: 1.5 M x 1.46 M x 2.4 M.
     Operator: operated by the same operator of knitting machine.
  4. Cutting device: In this device we have two optional choice, (A) On-line auto cutting. (B) Manual.
     On-line auto cutting. Auto cutting device: it was on-line with the knitting machine, total need 4 sets.
    PLC control:
    Power consumption: 3.75 kW
    Capacity: the same as the knitting machine.
    Occupy place: 1.5 M x 5.2 M
    Operator: Operated by the same operator of Raschel knitting machine.
    Heat cutting machine: by manual, total need 6 sets.
    Pneumatic control:
    Smoke extractor: 1/4 HP
    Heater: 2 kW
    Capacity: 500 pcs / hour. (depend on the operator skill, will be more or less)
    Occupy: 1.5 M x 2 M.
    Operator: 1 person.
5. Hydraulic baling presses: HP-60T, 1 set. 
    Capacity: 60 Tons.
    Electric Power: 20 HP.
    Table size: 120cm x 80cm.
    Occupy place: 2 M x 2.5M.
    Operator: 2 persons.

Manpower Requirement Man power: working for 3 shifts, per shift for 8 hours.
With on-line auto cutting device: 24 persons (it was actual working for the production line not including the office staff).
With manual cutting: 42 person

 Raw Material: Raw material preparation: it suppose the production is 50 cm x 80 cm bags, weight is 30gm for per one piece, for 1 month it require at least 50 tons of HDPE, for each different country’s marketing we strong recommend to prepare at lease 3 months storage.

Power Consumption Total electric power: 290 kw for on-line auto cutting device, 300 kw for manual cutting.

Technique Guide, Training & Technology Transfer: 
  • The seller is responsible for dispatching technician to buyer’s plant to install the machinery, till the sample to be made and installation is complied. The to and fro plane ticket and accommodation of the technician are supported by the buyer, the buyer will pay technician guide salary, one person is USD 180- per day. 
  • For the Training & Technology Transfer issues, we have a full set of project program for the customer, mainly it was design according to customer situation and require, before we offer them the program will fully discussed with customer. 

Suppliers Information: FUNG CHANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
9, Shih Chi Tau, Kaoping Village Lungtan Hsian,
Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan
Tel: 886-3-4717824, 4717825, 4717453
Fax: 886-3-4717702, 4580170,
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