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Start a Paper Lunch Box Making Plant

(132).Start a Paper Lunch Box Making Plant

The pollution of the world has never been greater than it is at this moment. This, combined with the fact that many of these people are enjoying a higher standard of living means that more food is being consumed than ever before, which is good. However, it also means that more packing materials are needed for the packing of this foods, which is a problem. Packing materials made from plastic, creates pollution and tons of garbage which can not be properly disposed till now.
Packing materials made from BIODEGRADABLE Virgin Pulp or Waste Paper present none of the above mentioned problems. Consequently, the recycling of BIODEGRADABLE Virgin Pulp and Waste Paper has become a very popular method of making a wide variety of Recycling Table Ware & Recycling Food Tray / Containers & Recycling Package Cushions & Recycling Agricultural Package Products such as making FOOD BOX, FOOD TRAY, BOWL CUP, HAMBURGER BOX, or making EGG BOX / EGG TRAY, FRUIT TRAY, FLOWER POT, VEGETABLE CONTAINER, or for making CAN /BBOTTLE / TOOL PACKAGE PADS, MOBILE PHONE PACKAGE PAD & INDUSTRIAL PACKAGE CUSHION / BUFFER, … etc.
The machinery and methods used to produce all of these products are the same, only the molds used to form them differ. Consequently, there exists an unlimited number of potential buyers of which the wide variety of products of Auto. Pulp Molded Recycling Table Ware Making Plant & Auto. Recycling Food Tray / Containers Making Plant & Auto. Recycling Package Cushion Making Plant & Auto. Recycling Agricultural Package Products can be sold.
So, all things considered the investor who establishes an Auto. Pulp Molded Recycling Table Ware / Fresh Food Tray / Container / Package Cushions Making Plant or an Auto Waste Paper Recycling PACKAGE RODUCTS Making Plant will find that he is not only providing a public service but also helping to reduce garbage and pollution and protecting environment.
Such a GREEN RECYCLING PACKAGING MACHINE is worth to be praised and encouraged by each Government and worth to be invested by each Investor.
General  processing  information
Description of Manufacturing Process
Stock Preparation :         
a. Put the Virgin Pulp or Waste Paper into MIXER ( A-4 ) and feed water in the meantime by WATER PUMP (    A-3 ) pumping from water pit ( A-2 ).         
b. Start the mixer till mix water and waste paper as slushy pulp, consistency around ( 2% ) two percent.         
c. Convey the pulp from mixer to MIXER CHEST ( A-6 ) by MIXER PUMP ( A-5 ).         
d. The pulp is ready for forming ( molding ) in this moment.Forming and Drying :         
     a. Convey the pulp from Mixer Chest to AUTO. FORMING MACHINE ( B-3 ) by CHEST PUMP ( B-1 ). the pulp fibers will be refined to become fluffy after through the PULP PUMP.         
     b. The pulp in Automatic Forming Machine will be automatically and continuously dehydrated and molded into semi-dried-products by suction from VACUUM PUMP (B-4 ), then at the same time automatically and continuously remove to AUTO CONVEYOR DRYER ( C-1 ) that be designed with automatic heat recycling system to save energy or remove to AUTO. HOT PRESS ( C-1 )         
     c. The dried products will automatically and continuously come out from Auto. Conveyor Dryer by DISCHARGE CONVEYOR ( C-2 ), then transport to storage by manual.         
     d. The dried products will automatically and continuously come out from Auto. Hot Press by DISCHARGE CONVEYOR ( C-2 ), then transport to storage by carrier or by conveyor.

Flow Chart of Manufacturing Process
Auto. Pulp Molded Recycling Industrial Package Cushion / Buffer Making Plant
Auto. Pulp Molding & Hot Pressing Plant
Auto. Pulp Molded Recycling Egg-Tray & Egg Box Making Plant
Auto. Pulp Molded Recycling Fruit Tray & Plant-Pot & Bottle-Packing-Pad Making Plant

 Suppliers  information 
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       Office  : 3rd. Fl., 26, Lane 46, Min Sheng Road, Yung Ho City, Taipei Hsien,  Taiwan 234           Factory: No. 1, Alley 19, Lane 379, Chung Hwa Road , Shu-Lin, Taiwan 238.
       TEL : ( 886 2 ) 8684 5622   ( 886 2 ) 8684 5623
       Fax : ( 886 2 ) 8685 6883
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