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Start a PVC Mat Making Plant Production Line Unit

 (152). Start a PVC Mat Production Line Unit

 PVC matting is a great choice if you are looking to protect your floors from wear and tear. PVC or polyvinylchloride which can be used in a variety of applications. When you use this type of matting on your floors, you protect your business from an intrusion of dirt and mud. A variety of styles are offered. Choose from heavy or light mats, anti fatigue or safety versions. The choice is up to you and you can select different styles for different areas of your business. Many colourss are offered to match your decor and you can choose the size that is appropriate for each location. Here are just a few you may wish to consider.


PVC Mat Machine
 PVC Mat Production line

Brief Description:

Plastic machine: SPVC coil mat extrusion/production line
The molding set of SPVC-SDR-PS2600 and SPVC-SDR-PS1500 coil mat extrusion line are our new products. It mainly produces plastic coil mat called Baolimei mat which used for motor decoration, hotel decoration, the living room, bedroom decoration, the square decoration and the like. It characterized with a long service life, cheep, wearable and easy to clean. And it wont rot.
The plastic cushion mat(carpet) films boards sheets extrusion line is design with the foam layer in which the bedload can be hided could keep the chamber clean.
The design without the foam layer can make water and dirt exude, keep the surface dry and clean, so it is suitable to the outside. With the soft loop layer, feel comfortable walking on the mat.
The abrasion of the mat with the thick loop is better .
More color, more suitable to the chamber decoration.
Easy to keep clean, just gently flap or bath.
The words and design could be printed on the surface according to the order.
There are many PVC mats rolls and sheet profiles including Tack mats flutes, ribs, chequer plate, pebble, lattice, wave ect and they all have uses in different environments our range of these products is comprehensive but not exhaustive on this web site so please contact us for your particular PVC matting or sheet requirements.

Application & Feature:
The product has some features such as high strength, good elastic performance, and light in weight. It is mainly used as core of bed mattress in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea etc.
Geocoposites consits of drainage net with nonwoven geotextile fabric heat bonded to one or both sides. The geotextile provides gas venting, drainage, and filtration by retaining silt and soil partcles while allowing gas and liquids to flow through. It is widely used for surface drainage, erosion prevention and vegetation protection.

PVC floor mat has such advantages, such as anti-skidding, resistant to moisture and without distortion, sound insulation, wear resistant, easy cleaning and convenient installation.

PVC floor mat is useful for any home environment, bedroom, living room, bathroom, swimming pool, and at the front of gate, and people can choose your own style for decoration.

This  machine has passed ISO9001-2008 quality system authentication and CE security certification. All the parts and neccessary auxiliaries are designed with wonderful friction, it is easy to install, easy operation, and of course with good quality and competitive quotation. 

 PVC Machine Manufacturer
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