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nut roast or roasted nut loaf is a rich and savoury vegetarian dish consisting of nutsgrainsvegetable oilsbroth orbutter, and seasonings formed into a firm loaf shape or long casserole dish before roasting and often eaten as an alternative to a traditional British style roast dinner. It is popular with vegetarians at Christmas,[1] as well as part of a traditional Sunday roast. Nut roasts are also made by Canadian and American vegetarians and vegans as the main dish for Thanksgiving or other harvest festival meals
Nut roasts are commonly made with any single type or complementary combination of nuts and legumes desired such aswalnutshazelnutsBrazil nutspecanscashew nutspistachioschestnutssunflower seeds and peanuts and evenlentils. The nuts may be whole, chopped up, or ground and are typically combined with one or several starches such asbread crumbs or day old bread, cooked rice, buckwheat kashagroatsbarleyrye or millet. The nuts and the starches are bound together with aromatics such as onionsgarlic, or leeks, with fresh vegetable broth or bouillon cubes used and olive oil or butter. Seasoning is provided by complementary herbs of the cook's choosing. Sautéed mushrooms or truffle shavings or flavored oil, or tomatoes or cheese may be added for extra flavour and variety of texture. VegemiteMarmite, or soy sauce is sometimes used as one of the stocks or what the onions are fried in. Some recipes call for a chicken's egg to bind the ingredients together. The whole mixture is then roasted or baked in a loaf pan or other baking dish until firm or a crust forms, and then served with side dishes. Whole nuts may be used as a garnish or decoration for the completed roast.

There are only a few types of roasters available. Gas and Electric.  Store or large production.  Portable or less portable.  For a store the most popular choice is an electric 110V machine that sits on a counter or table and does around 7 pounds per batch about every 30 minutes.  For shops that allow gas there are a few available and for the outdoor or indoor farmers market or swap meet, the choices are any of the above if electricity is present or a gas bottle is permitted.

The point is that the roaster is the big draw to your location to showcase your product.  The size is not as important as just having one to get attention.  Once there it is important to have a variety of product such as plain roasted (that you will be roasting), and possibly a variety of nuts such as salted-in-the-shell  a favorite for many, Cajun style (our invention) and a hit wherever seen and even peanut butter or sweet style sugar coated nuts.  We have the nut butter grinders that can make the freshest peanut butter on site and keep them coming back time and time again.  
Çerez Kavurma Makinası
TIS Series
High quality roasting solutions for all nuts and seeds
TIS series seed and nut roasters
are developed by Toper R&D team
for premium roasting quality
in a wide range of products.

TIS series offer you 2 different models with a roasting batch capacity between 40 and 120 kgs.
  • Nuts
    Peanut, Chickpeas, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pistachio, etc.
  • Oily seeds
    Sesame seeds, Poppy seeds, Linseeds, Carrot seeds, etc.
  • Legumes
    Chickpeas, Lentils, Cracked Wheat, Butterbeans, Rice, etc.
  • Cereals
    Wheats, Barley, Oats, Ryes, Corns, etc.
  • Spices
    Cummin, Ground Red Pepper, etc.

Models >TIS-40TIS-120
40 kgs
88 lbs
120 kgs
265 lbs
86 x 181 x 180 cm
34 x 71 x 71 in
120 x 220 x 1,200 cm
47 x 87 x 472 in
Weight485 kgs
1,069 lbs
1,500 kgs
3,307 lbs
Voltage220 - 230 - 380 V
Frequency50 - 60 Hz


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