Start a Exercise Nursint Supports Making Plant

(126) Start a Exercise Nursint Supports Making Plant
This preliminary project proposal gives a systematic guide of making exercise nursing support products. Since stable growth of economic development for world wire Countries in the recent years, caused increasing of income. Thus the requirement of healthful products are rapid increase and application of knitted fabric is varied, however, a majority of exercise nursing supports; are used in protecting our legs & angle do not harm after sporting.
     The manufacturer of circular knitting machining in Taiwan have had over 30 years of experience in producing exercise nursing supports, involving many years of research and development of the machineries and process in this products. The rational manufacturing process and machineries are no longer adequate to meet to day’s market demand.
     Now Taiwan is available to supply automatically and computers machinery, equipment and development of a revolutionary process to replace the traditional process.

2.     General Process Information
2.1.   Flow Chart
2.2.   Process Description
2.2.1.   Raw material: Use combed cotton yarn. Nylon Yarn, Syntheic Yarnand Elestic Thread as raw material.
2.2.2.   Knitting: Complete rolls of natural yarn and elestic thread are arranged on the knitting machine according to the types and colors of exercise nursing support being produced. A multitude of needles then knit the verious threads in to a series an interlocking loop. These loops form the tube of woven material used in making exercise nursing supports. This circular knitting maching work at very high speed and computerzed can be easily programed to produce widely size and varied selection of exercise nursing supports.
2.2.3.   Cutting: This tube of material is theu cut in to indiuidual which are used to actually form an exercise nursing support. The cutting can be done by circular knitting machine automaticly.
2.2.4.   Sewing: After cutting the individual pieces of semiproducts are turned inside out and inspected for any defect.  The qualified semi exercise nursing support are then inserted into an automatic sewing which forms the double end eadge thus complete the production phase of the process.
2.2.5.   Dyeing & Finishing: When accumulated a certain quantity of semi products are turn right side out before being washing, dyeing and drying process.
2.2.6.   Setting process: After dyeing & finishing process the semi products are then putinto setting maching forming a desire shape this process will be enable workers to pack & Inspection final porducts become more efficient.
2.2.7.   Inspecting & packing: After setting process the final products to be inspected packed and read for sale.

3.     Plant Description
3.1.   Production Capacityproduction capacity will depend on the number and type of machine being used and type, size of final products being produced but production capacity of this proposal are designed on 50 dzs/hour.
3.2.   Raw materials
3.2.1.   Combed cotton yarn
3.2.2.   Nylon Yarn
3.2.3.   Polyester yarn
3.2.4.   T/C, T/R Yarn
3.2.5.   Electric Thread 
3.3.   Manpower Required
Job Classification
Skilled Worker
Inspection & Packing worker
3.4.   Machine & Equipment
Circular Knitting Machine
Dyeing & Finishing Machine
Setting Machine
3.5.   Utility RequiredElectricity: 30M
3.6.   Plant Layout 40M(L)×25M(W)×4M(H)
4.   Supplier Information
Company Name: Chi Ying Machine Enterprise
Add: No.28-1, Jen Ai Rd., Tu Chreng, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
Tel:             886-2-22665218      
Fax: 886-2-22664825


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