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Start a Socks Making Plant

(125) Start a Socks Making Plant
The Textile industry is one of the leading industries in the Taiwan. It was in fact the biggest industry until the electronic industry became Taiwan biggest moneymaker. However the textile industry remains this country’s second largest sources income. A significant portion of this revenue is generated by the production of socks.
The manufacturers of socks in Taiwan have been produced of socks for more than 20 years. During this time they have witnessed a steady expansion of the sock making industry around the world, which has resulted in increased competition and less profits. In order to survive in such a competitive industry, it is critical for Taiwan socks maker to develop more effective machinery capable of producing more socks and more effective operation,which enable the plant to be run for less cost. Thus, Taiwan has been able to sustain competitiveness and maintain its position as a leading producer of socks in the world.
It is, therefore, only logical that anyone wishing to make an investment in any country where the people desire to purchase comfortable, attractive, durable, and inexpensive socks would be wise to take advantage of the years of research done by the sock makers in Taiwan, and purchase the sock making plant outlined in this proposal.

2 General Process information
2.1 Flow Chart:

2.2 Process Description: 2.2.1 Knitting:
Raw material: cotton, nylon, spandex, elastic – are arranged on the knitting machines according to the types and colors of socks being produced. A multitude of needles then knit the various threads into a series of interlocking loops. These loops form the tube of woven material used in making socks. These computerized sock knitting machines work at very high speeds and can easily be programmed to produce a wide variety of socks.
2.2.2 Sewing:
After the individual pieces are turned inside out and inspected for defects. The qualified semiformed socks are then inserted into a automatic sewing machine which forms the toe of the sock and thus completing the production phase of the process.
2.2.3 Setting:
The socks are turned right side out, and fitted onto boarding machines for setting the sock.
2.2.4 Inspection and packaging:
After setting, the socks are inspected, paired, packed, and ready for shipping.

3 Plant Description
3.1 Production capacity: 
Production capacity will vary considerably depending on the number and types of machines being used and type of socks being produced. However, a fully equipped and staffed plant, such as the one described in sections 3.3 and 3.4, should be able to produce pairs of socks per hour on the average, as shown.
3.1.1 Knitting machine:
Plain:Men’s sock – 20 dozen(12 pairs)/24 hours
Ladies sock – 25 dozen / 24 hours
Children’s sock – 35 dozen / 24 hours
Terry: Men’s sock – 18 dozen / 24 hours
Ladies sock – 22 dozen / 24 hours
Children’s sock – 31 dozen / 24 hours

3.1.2 Sock sewing machine:
Linking machine: 3 – 4 dozen / hour
Overlock machine: 22 dozen / hour

3.1.3 Sock setting machine: 50 dozen / hour

3.2 Raw Materials: Nylon
Nylon covered Lycra

3.3 Manpower Required: (For 24 hours)
Job Classification
Operator and flipper
Inspection and packaging

3.4 Machinery & Equipment:
Job Classification
Hosiery Machine
Sock sewing machine
Setting machine

3.5 Utilities:
Job Classification
80 HP

3.6 Plant site planning: Ideally, the plant should be located in a garment making district. However, any location with easy access to the materials and worker needed to make socks should be suitable.

4 Supplier: Da Kong Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1, sec. 1, Chung Shan Road.
Chang Hwa, Taiwan
The Republic of China
Tel:             (886)4 7627171      
Fax: (886)4 7622274


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