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Start a Non-Woven Punching Carpet Making Plant

(121) Start a Non-Woven Punching Carpet Making Plant

1.   Introduction
     The introduction of  nonwoven Needle Punching Carpet production line:
     Shoou Shyng “SPL-03+SVP” 4.5 meter Needle Punching Carpet production line launched recently for all kind of home carpet,wall fabric,automotive carpet and automotive interior decoration. It is a brand new and powerful design special for veloured carpet production,the new concept is totally different from the traditional spinning system for woven carpet.
     The raw material of “SPL-03+SVP” is P.P. or P.E.T. colored fibre (6~15 diner,50~75 mm) only. To drop the baled fibre into open and card for web forming and then go through needle punching process to produce the nonwoven base cloth. After velour processing,the base cloth can be easy to be veloured base carpet . (The back coating and drying machines is not included in this system) Short process flow, high efficiency and small manpower make  “SPL- 03+SVP” becoming to be most competent and powerful system.
     Shoou Shyng has been installed more than 100 nonwoven carpet production lines worldwide in the past 26 years including Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, India , Philippines, Malayia, Thailand, lndonesia, Nepal, Iran, Egypt, U.K.,USA, France,  Holland, Germany, Canada, etc. The features of high performance, good quality and reasonable cost make Shoou Shyng customers satisfied and comfortable.
     Shoou Shyng keep on developing new double board random velour machine cooperated with SPL-03 system. The new system will be provided for the demand of higher quality veloured carpet production. Shoou Shyng believed this altermative could help their customers to be more competition in the carpet industry.

2.2.   Process Description
   (A) Opening & Mixing       To process different type of fibers from bale stage, blended in the correct proportions by means of openers. The fibers are opened and dispersed for the preparation of carding process.
   (B) Feeding       The fibers are blown from the opening machine which supply a predetermined Quantity to Cards by electric auto scale controlled system.
   (C) Carding
      The fibers fed into the carding machine are snared by the wire of rotating cylinder and fibers are aligned in an essential parallel direction.
      A web or net is formed on card and removed form the card by doffer to the cross lapper.
   (D) Crosslapping      Fiber webs layered to increase the fabric’s cross directional strength, thickness. weight , width and improve uniformity.
   (E) Web Feeding       Layered web can be adjusted to meet the standards of any specifications and delivered to needle punching by means of Web Feeder.
      The Web Feeder is to avoid the layered web to be deforming and tractility.
   (F) Preneedle Punching      The layered web are fed through a series of needle punching machines, the Preneedle Punching is to interlace the various layers each other with lower needle density. It is a preliminary 3D interleaving to entangle the fibers.
   (G) Up stroke Finish Needle Punching      The layered web are delivered by means of conveyor and rollers to up stroke side finish needle punching loom. The operation will make the web becomes the middle high density nonwoven fabric.
   (H) Down stroke Finisn Needle Punching      The applications of carpet need high tensile and high entanglement nonwoven fabric. Special fibers have developed that permit them to be converted into soft, fine finish fabric to be high density structure.
   (I) Slitting, Winding and Edge cutting       Nonwoven roll goods are converted in a variety ways, such as slitting to the widths required for end product converting , edge cutting for end product packing, and rewinding to prepare rolls of appropriate for product converting.
   (J) Unwinder   The process of (A) to (I) is to produce the base carpet. To make value added on base carpet, looping or velouring has to be done in the second process. Unwinder is unwinding the rolled base carpet of  SPL-03 to Loop machine or Velour machine.
   (K) Velour Needle Punching Machine SVP   SVP is a Velour Needle Punching machine designed for velouring purpose by special brush type bed plate. The base carpet can be needle punched by double board upstroke needle loom at mean time.  After this process, the base carpet becomes more soft and nice tactile. The composite process also can be done with SVP loom for multi-color and different density. The SVP machine cooperated with SPL-03 is SVP-450EH-9 x 2
   (L) Loop Needle Punching Machine SLP   SLP is a Loop Needle Punching machine designed for looping purpose by special lamella bed plate. The base carpet can be needle punched by single board upstroke needle loom with special fence design. The base carpet will have the effect of looping or even velouring. The looping effect of carpet is a must for automotive carpet and interior decoration. The SLP machine cooperated with SPL-03 is SPL-450.
   (M) Pattern Needle Punching Machine SPP    SPP is a Needle Punching designed for patterning purpose by special mechanical lifting controlled bed plate. The patterning is variable with freedom of design adjustment. The process can enhance the aesthetic feeling of carpet , sense of touch and value added . The SPP machine cooperated with SPL-03 is SPP-450.
   (N) Back coating and Drying     Sometimes the carpet needs to be back coating per customer demand. The process of back coating and drying is not included in the proposal of SPL-03.

3.   Plant Description
3.1.   Production Capacity
   A needle punching carpet plant equipped with machinery and equipment
   In this proposal , operating 16 hours (2 shifts ) a day , 25 days a month ,
   Should be able to produce the needle punched carpet as below.
   Working width  :  4.5 Meters
   End product width  : 4.0 Meters
   End product range of weight  : 200 gsM – 600gsM
   Production line speed  :  1.5 ~ 6 Meters / min
   Raw material spec  :  6 ~ 15d P.P or PET
   Maximum capacity  :  P.P 15d-500kg/hour, PET 6d-300kg / our
3.2.  Manpower Required
Job Classification
Person / Shift
 General Manager
 Skilled  Mechanical Operator
 Maintenance & Lnspection
3.3.  Machiery & Equipment
Bale Opening Machine
 Fiber Opening Machine
 Fiber Hopper Machine
 Carding Machine
 Crosslapping Machine
Preneedle Punching Machine
 Up stroke Finish Needle Punching Machine
 Down stroke Finish Needle Punching Machine
 Wind-up with Edge trim
 Loop Needle Punching Machine
 Pattern Needle Punching Machine
 Velour Needle Punching Machine

3.4.   Utilities
  Electric power                   KW/ 3PH /AC
3.5.   Plant Site Planning
   The carpet production line is a water steam free and oil free industry , it is a kind of green industry. The plant should be located in a distance or an area near by the production of various carpets with a significantscope of future expansion.
3.6.   Area of Land and Building
Area Required (M2)
Raw Material Warehouse
Finished Product Warehouse
Production Line
The total area required for needle punching non-woven plant is shown as below.

4.   Supplier Information
Shoou Shyng Machinerty Co., Ltd
556-1, Chung Cheng Rd., Hsnchuang, Taipei
Tel:             886-2-29012245          Fax: 886-2-29041366

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